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Following Nehemiah’s blueprint for success.   You take strategic steps in 365 Power Diet to eradicate completely the idolatrous living that lead to your obesity. From the Trouble and Disgrace of Idolatry to the Power Check list.   You learn to fight with God in order to stay free of the devils pigpen, where he has been fattening you up for the kill.

As you rebuild the walls of your health and fitness, just like Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem.   You’ll not be deceived or distracted from your ultimate goal.   You will remain steadfast on the task you’ve been assigned by your Father, which is to take care of your body~ the temple of the Holy Spirit.

It’s critical that you tap into God’s power and strength.   To defeat, once and for all, the pigpen mentality you’ve been trapped in since excessive food and laziness idolatry took control of your health.

Worshiping and praising your way to victory glorifies God, as you lift your hands up off your fork and spoon.   All the while being vigilant to establish the smallest change needed to bring about your continued weight loss success.

God promises to reward your persistence as you fight for your health and fitness, honoring him as your Lord. PERSIST and win the battle over obesity by being connected to The Power 365.

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