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365 Power Diet

A Spiritual Journey to Weight Loss

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Author Marti Carrier

Writing the 365 Power Diet was a labor of love for me.  The past 10 years my husband Mark and I have run Fitness Studios.  During that time I diligently watched those clients who succeeded at weight loss.  What I saw was the determination that they possessed to do whatever it took to lose the weight.  They had motivation. 


As I prayed long and hard about how I could motivate the Christian dieter God dropped into my heart the book of Nehemiah, which I used to outline this book.   In a sense this is actually a devotional with a focus on weight loss.  If you read 365 Power Diet daily you’ll no longer be dieting alone.  You’ll be dieting with God!


As a Christian dieter your motivation should tie into what God would have you to do about your health and fitness.  How would God expect you to treat your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit?  Should you be lead by the Spirit or your flesh in matters of food and drink intake?


365 Power Diet will motivate you daily to overcome temptation.  By tapping into the fruit of the Spirit of Self Control you can develop mastery over your impulses and desires!  You will honor God with your food and drink intake.  God will help you to aim at your goal, and hit it.     


God Bless You Today, Marti  

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